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Easter is a major holiday in Christianity and is celebrated throughout the Christian world by both Protestants and Catholics 
and also in Judaism. Easter is thus a significant holiday, but despite that it sometimes feels a little confused. 
What the hell do the Easter bunnies and eggs have to do with Jesus' crucifixion? How come the Jews, who believe that 
Jesus has a religious function, celebrate Easter? And when / where does the Easter bunny really get into this soup? 
Not to mention the Easter bunny ... 

Besides, you never know from year to year WHEN Easter falls .. Do you even know how it is determined? 
Let's not get long-winded about Easter ... we really just wanted to make a heavenly-looking Easter family and a horrible 
Easter bunny with a wart on her nose!
Easter family Easter family

Easter family

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Couple of Egg -  package deal Couple of Egg -  package deal

Couple of Egg - package deal

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Trio Trio


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Rooster Rooster


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1/2 egg 1/2 egg

1/2 egg

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Egg Egg


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Hen Hen


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