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ABOUT US - The girls from Småland!

We usually jokingly say that we are "the girls from Småland" with plenty of energy and with 
complementary brains! Since one of us is an economist and a little more rigid while the other of us is a creator and artist, we have realized that together we are a Perfect Match. ? 
What we also always have in common is that we are passionate about spreading Swedish design and Småland's production in an ever larger market outside both Småland's and Sweden's borders.

We have our range based on the material sheet metal and our own design. We want a "popular" price despite Swedish manufacturing and Swedish conditions and show that it is possible to conduct manufacturing in Sweden instead of abroad (something we also had a good advantage of in pandemic times with longer delivery times, material shortages and more). 
And you know, all this started due to some empty windows… 

Any empty windows? A business idea? Yes, that was actually the case .. Anna was the newly appointed CFO of a manufacturing sheet metal company and realized that in this male-dominated world, flowers were not a major priority! With a property of an older model and windows facing south, they needed great finesse and care to make flowers thrive over time. A care that so far had not worked particularly well for the company. The idea was born then that we might actually be able to make our own flowers, which EVERYONE can take care of !? Said and done, cacti were produced and by another coincidence, Anna and the design teacher Anne's paths crossed and a business idea was born. Here we are today with a whole range of flowers and other things that we now want to spread around the world!

Today we run the business in our own premises and with three "legs"; retailer, online sales and store (open Thursdays 12-17). To this is also added "special" in the form of interior design and tailor-made solutions for companies that we are happy to assist with as a side track to
our core business. 

"Swedish Design - Made with love in Småland" will always be our star of lead! 

Shop in Nässjö, our store in Nässj, Sweden are open Thursdays at 12-17 on Tryckerigatan 3. 
Warm welcome <3 

Reseller You can find our retailers around Sweden under the tab Our retailers and under the #älskaplåtfamiljen on Instagram and Facebook. Interested in becoming a Reseller? 
Contact us for more information. 

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Anna Giss +4672-061 14 00                               Anne Johansson +4679-333 82 89

Press release 2021-12-28 at 09.00 
Herenco - new partner in # ÄLSKAPLÅT 
"These girls have laid the foundation for something that has great potential and it is a journey we at 
Herenco do not want to miss," says Lovisa Hamrin, Herenco's owner. 
We are happy that Herenco has found us and wanted to be a part of us, we are really looking forward to the 
cooperation and development going forward. 
Herenco is a company with great competence and a large network where we feel there is interest in form and design 
and together with our design and our Småland production, we see this as a successful investment for the future. 

About the Herenco Group Herenco is a Jönköping-based family-run fourth-generation owner company that has been 
around for 156 years. The companies Emballator, Herenco Invest, Acticon, Leif Arvidsson, Miljöhallen Golv, Hagab and 
Nimex are wholly owned companies that are part of the group. Together, the companies in the group had sales of SEK 
2.6 billion in 2020 and have approximately 1,100 employees. 
Herenco is also a partner in the portfolio companies Nolato (publ), Balco (publ), Lyko (publ), Hövding (publ), Profoto 
(publ), Lifvs and the main owners in JKS Golv and Nättraby Kakelservice. The Hamrin Foundation was founded in 1985 
through a donation from the Hamrin family and has since distributed SEK 321 million to research. The foundation 
manages both properties in Jönköping and shares with a total value of approximately SEK 2.3 billion.