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Home & kitchen

The kitchen - the heart of the home, huh?
Slowly but surely, we are building up our kitchen range and our cooling plates have quickly become a favorite. 
Perfect for Christmas, Easter and the midsummer table, or why not bring the cooling plate to the breakfast table in the 
summer so the yoghurt and milk can stay cold a little longer for a good long breakfast in the morning sun. The cooling 
tray fits with most cooling lamps on the market and takes up minimal space in the freezer. The cooling plate can also be 
used as a regular pot holder and can be washed in a dishwasher as it is made of stainless steel. 

We also have a range of coasters, both for pots and glasses and the latter has a can opener hidden in the design :)
Match case - NÄSSJÖ Match case - NÄSSJÖ

Match case - NÄSSJÖ

249 kr
In stock
NÄSSJÖ - package deal NÄSSJÖ - package deal

NÄSSJÖ - package deal

448 kr 348 kr
In stock
Coaster - NÄSSJÖ Coaster - NÄSSJÖ

Coaster - NÄSSJÖ

199 kr
In stock
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