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Creative Collection

We will not get much closer to a living plant than this ... Let your imagination and creativity 
flow and create your unique copy of our series Creative COLLECTION in Corten. 
Use the product completely raw / untreated or spray on salt water to speed up the rusting process and 
leave it outdoors for 24 hours for a more speckled & rusty result. Do you want it completely rusty in the plate? 
Leave it outside for a while longer until it is completely roasted. 

The product is made of Corten sheet, which means that it does not rust but "stops" in its rusting process .... 
it holds m.a.o. generation after generation like our other range ... Rusty sheet metal interior at its best! 
When it has rusted "clearly", you brush off excess rust so you do not get a little of the precipitate. 
If you want to put a little extra love and time on the product, it can be varnished with transparent matt 
varnish so you avoid the risk of precipitation of rust completely. Available for purchase at a 
good price on a spray can. 

As I said, the possibilities are many and creativity can be vented. On our flower bouquet we also tried to put 
a little thaw salt on the lower part to get a different "pattern" on the rust :) 
As the plate is untreated, scratches on the product may occur on delivery, but these disappear as the 
roasting process continues. 

Creative Collection is developed as we repeatedly receive questions from customers who want to buy rusty 
sheet metal and rusty furnishings but who can handle and store outdoors.
Bouquet Bouquet


379 kr
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Tree - Corten Tree - Corten

Tree - Corten

599 kr
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Angel for tomb decoration Angel for tomb decoration

Angel for tomb decoration

249 kr
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Large tree in Corten - is not sent Large tree in Corten - is not sent
Corten, Corten plate, Rusty plate interior