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Mingle trace - classic style Mingle trace - classic style
Going to a party with mingling is ALWAYS nice !! But do you feel just like We ... that you always miss a hand? 
You should be able to handle and greet, balance the tray with food and at the same time not pour out any drink as the 
glass should be balanced in / on the tray .. not always simply! 
Events, mingling and conferences are increasing and thus the demand to serve food and drink in a smooth, sustainable 
and mobile way. 

Mingle - a simple and festive way to socialize in spaces that do not have the opportunity to sit at a table. Eat, drink and 
socialize and let the guests focus on mingling and having fun! The trays can be prepped with food and drink before use 
and they hang nicely waiting on the edge of the table when the guests arrive. 

- Reusable and economically advantageous 
- Less environmental impact than disposable items 
- Can be washed 
- Works for both left and right hands 
- Weighs lightly in hand 
- Can be hung on the edge of the table 
- Stackable - takes up minimal space during storage 

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Opportunity to adapt the shape to your own wishes and needs