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Mingle trace - classic style

  • 99 kr

The product is unfortunately out of stock :(

Article Number: 55
Supplier: Älskaplåt
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Mingle - a simple and festive way to socialize but always with a dilemma if the hands should be enough or if you 
should manage to balance all food on the tray .. With our stable Mingle tray you can both hang it on the table edge 
and easily handle the glass close body and have good control over both food and drink when you mingle and greet 
the company. 

We really want to say that our mingling tray is worth its name, in addition to being incredibly easy to handle, 
it also has advantages such as; 
- Reusable and economically advantageous over time 
- Less environmental impact than disposable items 
- Can be washed 
- Works for both left and right hands 
- Weighs lightly in hand 
- Can be hung on the edge of the table 
- Stackable 
- takes up minimal space Possibility to laser engrave your own logo on the badge 

For a larger quantity quote - contact us.