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Angels, surely they exist? 
Angels appear in many religions and mythologies and are often associated with something spiritual, but apart from that 
they are also very beautiful. 

Our popular sheet metal angels Hope and Vila took shape and, like so many other of our products, gained height and 
simplicity in their design language. A guardian angel is needed in every home and is perfect to give as a baptism, birthday 
gift, thank you gift or just because you think it's nice! Our angel is easy to place and is ideal for all types of decoration in 
houses and homes or maybe even outdoors for those who want it. 

The angels are stately as they are completely alone but also thrive very well together both as a couple and in a trio. 
Our angel on a stick fits nicely as a grave decoration or in the flowerpot / flowerland. For grave decoration and grave 
decoration, our angel on a stick in corten sheet fits especially well if you like the industrial and rusty style and which only 
gets nicer with the years.
Ängel liten i mässingsfärg Ängel liten i mässingsfärg