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Angel - 3 sizes

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Article Number: 43
Supplier: Älskaplåt
An angel is a spirit being, who is mostly present in the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and whose task is to 
serve God. The opposite of an angel in Christian tradition is a demon, who instead of serving God, joined the devil. 
The Swedish word angel is derived from the Latin angelus or the Greek ángelos which means messenger. 
Our angel is timeless and can be in your home all year round and to a large and broad target group. This beautiful product 
is sold all year round for everything from baptisms to funerals and everything in between, can never go wrong !! 

Available in white and concrete gray and in three different sizes. 
Large: Height 64 cm, width 22 cm depth 8 cm. 
Middle: Height 51 cm, width 17 cm depth 8 cm. 
Small: Height 39 cm, width 13 cm deep 5 cm.