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Cooling plate - excl ice pack

  • 499 kr

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Article Number: 67
Supplier: Älskaplåt
With our cooling plate, you can keep the food cold and fresh on the table in a simple and flexible way. Our cooling plate 
is made of stainless brushed sheet metal in a very stylish design. 

The cooling plate is an effective solution for keeping chilled food and drink still cold on the breakfast table as well as the 
salad buffet, the Easter and Christmas table, midsummer or perhaps the student party. Yes, as you can hear, the cooling 
plate provides an infinite number of possibilities for use. 
In addition to the previously mentioned areas, these are of course ideal for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools - yes in 
all places where there is a need to maintain the quality of our food outside the refrigerator. 
The cooling plate is best suited with 4 normal-sized ice pack (not included) and can of course be wiped off both with and 
without detergent, detergent without any damage to the product. It can also be machine washed if desired. 

Comes with a protective plastic on the product (to protect the box during transport) and silicone pads are included in the 
box to mount underneath as feet. Some plastering may occur around the laser-cut text on the cooling plate and is taken 
care of by the customer after removal of protective plastic. 
Dimensions: 38x18x4 cm