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1/2 egg

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Article Number: Ägg
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Absolutely incredible, but in the world about 1.2 trillion eggs are produced annually. On average, a hen lays 250-270 
eggs / year. A person eats an average of 173 eggs / year, and although it can be hard to believe, about 40% of the total 
world production of eggs is consumed in China. 

Do you know how to see if the eggs are fresh or not? Immerse the eggs in water - if they float, the eggs are bad. 
Our eggs are not at all recommended to eat! We recommend instead that they be allowed to decorate your home! 
Together with one of the friends in the rooster family maybe? This cocky egg (HALV-Ann) that has already hatched 
is especially nice together with her friend HEL-Ann. 

Height 12 cm


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