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Why are not all eggs white? 
It depends on the hen, her genes and behavior are what come into play. It can differ between breeds, some generally 
lay more brown eggs, others more white but the same hen can actually lay eggs in different colors during its life. 
Research has shown that the color of the egg is created in the hen's shell gland. It is a gland of just under a decimeter 
where the egg lies inside the hen for about 20 hours. The longer the egg remains in the shell gland before the hen lays it 
out, the deeper the color becomes. 

Our hen E (aster) has only produced two eggs, HEL-Ann and HALV-Ann, she has a hard time and differs from these 
- or any of the others in her family, even though we think she is terribly good-looking in her loneliness! 

Height 25 cm

Easter family

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