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What exactly is the rooster's job? Yes, in addition to being handsome and usually extremely good at defending their hens, 
the rooster's job is of course also to fertilize the hen's eggs, so that there can be new chickens. 
When the rooster fertilizes the egg, the hen's hormones change so it knows that the egg should / can become a chicken. 
This causes the hen to incubate the egg so that it stays warm. Whether there is a rooster or not, the hen lays eggs. 
It's like the human body, the eggs that are not fertilized get rid of the body. 

Our stately rooster GOL-iat in black can neither gala nor defend his hens but he is cruelly handsome anyway! 
Together with a member of his family, he becomes especially stately but can absolutely stand and stand in all his 
glory in his solitude! 

Height 31 cm

Easter family

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