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Monstera - small

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Article Number: 7
Supplier: Älskaplåt
The monstera is an epiphyte, meaning that it likes to climb on other plants to reach the sun's rays. With its climbing ability 
and desire to reach the sun's rays in nature, the monster can grow up to 10 meters high. In its wild environment, 
it originates from areas with a lot of wind and that is why the plant has developed the lobed leaves to reduce wind 
damage. In the wild, it can also bear fruit, the fruits are green and oblong and resemble an immature spruce cone. 
The monster is also sometimes called "Adam's ribs" due to the shape of the leaves (?) 

Now the monstera is conquering the world once again and is more trendy than ever before - this time in sheet 
metal and which are incredibly easy to place. Available in two sizes, of which this is the smaller variant. 

Dimensions: HxWxD 43x37x8 cm 
The product is delivered with a separate foot, a so-called. grouting


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399 kr


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