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Article Number: 61
Supplier: Älskaplåt
The Alocasia - dear child has many names! Its real name is Alocasia Polly but Amazon shield or Skeleton Shield it is 
also called as here in Sweden, mainly because of the veins of the leaves that look like a skeleton and the shape like a 
shield. This somewhat spectacular and trendy plant comes from Southeast Asia and did you know that when 
transplanting, you can also mix with a little white moss? Did you know that it can actually bloom? 

Our classic 70-80s flower, in a modern vintage, we have not managed to get and bloom but it is SO beautiful anyway 
and requires absolutely no transplanting or other love! Fits perfectly in normal-sized windows or on the sideboard, on the 
shelf or wherever you feel like it! 

Available in black and white. 
Dimensions HxWxD: 70x40x14 cm 
The product is delivered with a separate foot, a so-called. grouting


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