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Geranium - small

  • 329 kr

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Article Number: 65
Supplier: Älskaplåt
The geranium is the Swedes' favorite flower number one, but did you know that it was originally an upper-class 
plant for men, and that today it is used for both perfume, food and therapy? The geranium flower petals have 
throughout the ages been used for PMS, dry skin, eczema and herpes. And the decoction from the leaves is said 
to be astringent and both clean and stimulate pale and dull skin. 
Timeless and stylish geranium in white that fits both the summer cottage and the home. A classic that can never 
go wrong! 

Available in black and white. 
Dimensions 33x20x8 cm 
The product is delivered with a separate foot, a so-called. grouting