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Article Number: 126
Supplier: Älskaplåt
The genus Lupine Lupinus is part of the pea family and is found in about 200 species. However, we are 
pretty sure that our species in sheet metal is not yet listed on Wikipedia as an "approved" species. We also 
do not believe that our species are as invasive as those we normally see at the roadside and in fields in 
summer. Our lupine is available in white and black and has a pleasant design and a stately height of 58 cm.
 Perfect in the summer cottage, on the terrace or why not in your sunniest window? By the way, did you 
know that lupine seeds contain toxic substances like many other wild legumes? However, there are lupine 
beans that are used in food both as pickled snacks or as lupine flour in, among other things, gluten-free 
pasta. The ones we see at the roadside in Sweden are American lupins and have been in Sweden since the 
beginning of the 20th century.

Dimensions: 58x13x8 Available in black and white