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Article Number: 62
Supplier: Älskaplåt
In our beautiful flower bouquet you will find as one of the most prominent flowers a Thistle (Eryngium) which is a 
special and fascinating flower (or weed if you want to call it that). The thistle is especially effective with its thorny 
flowers and lobed leaves, and gives a terribly cool contrast together with other slightly clearer and kinder flowers. 
The thistle has had many uses throughout history and has been used as a medicinal herb, spice and vegetable. 
The thistle together with its other flower buddies in this bouquet stands forever! Could there be a better go-away 
flower than one that stands forever? 

Available in black, white and rusty. To know more about our products in corten (rusty) read more about this under the 
category Creative Collection. Here you see, among other things, what you as a customer need to do and how the product 
is delivered to you as a customer. 

Dimensions HxWxD: 47x25x8 cm 
The product is delivered with a separate foot, a so-called. grouting