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Mingle tray - Dregen EP disc

  • 129 kr

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Article Number: 70
Supplier: Älskaplåt
Going to a party with mingling is ALWAYS nice !! But do you feel just like We ... that you always miss a hand? 
You should be able to handle and greet, balance the tray with food and at the same time not pour out any 
drink as the glass should be balanced in / on the tray .. not always simply! When we as the proud NÄSSJÖ 
ambassador got an idea to collaborate with Andreas "Dregen" Svensson and his other Nässjö guys in the 
band Backyard Babies, it felt both exciting but also a little nervous! How do hard-rocking guys mingle? 

After a little conversation and interviewing, we were also told that at such events as they hang out, 
champagne is usually not drunk in fine glasses, but beer and jägermeister! With this nice guitar 
(does everyone see that it's a Gibson?) With space for shot glasses and beer glasses in plastic, 
can they be more niche? But you know .. the little hole for the hunter master also works great to 
put a champagne glass in (we have tried ;-)). 

Our mingling tray is durable and smart for all occasions and you can let go of the worry of dropping the 
glass and focus on mingling! Eat, drink and socialize in an innovative, smart and easy way! 

What is the finesse of our mingle tray then? Yes... 
- Reusable and economically advantageous over time 
- Less environmental impact than disposable items 
- Can be washed 
- Works for both left and right hands 
- Weighs lightly in the hand 
- Can be hung on the edge of the table 
- Stackable 
- takes up minimal space when not in use or before events 

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