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Article Number: 60
Supplier: Älskaplåt
That the children dress up as rose-cheeked Easter witch and eat sweets around Easter is in itself quite cute, but it is 
based on old folk beliefs about witches. According to this folk belief, the witches flew to Blåkulla on Maundy Thursday 
and to scare them, rifle shots were fired and it was necessary to hide their brooms so the witches did not take them, in 
addition it is said that the witches partyed loose with the devil himself on Maundy Thursday night! 
Our cocky Easter witch with a wart on her nose and a rougher varnish reminiscent of cast iron feels like the obvious, 
modern, Easter decoration (or Halloween) for you who like it a little cockier and do not want to be like everyone else! 
Measure; HxD 50cmx8cm